Pretend with Miss Kim DVD

Spark Your Child’s Imagination!

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  • Fun: A fun-filled good time that takes your child on an imaginary journey with creative movement, dance, and music!
  • Real Engagement of Your Child’s Imagination: Your child will watch this DVD over and over as they pretend along with Miss Kim and become part of her stories!
  • Child-Safe Viewing: Embraces your child’s attention in a positive, wholesome manner.
  • Gets their Brains AND Bodies Moving! Helps develop your child’s motor skills and enhances creativity through imaginative play and story telling with movement, music, and dance.
  • Created for children 18 months to 5 years old. Perfect for Preschool age children!
  • Helps prepare beginning ballerinas for their first dance class. This DVD introduces some of the basic movements Miss Kim uses to teach beginning tap and ballet classes and shows how much fun these classes are for young children.
  • Not just for girls!
  • Makes a Great Gift Item! Grandchildren, nieces, and friend’s children will appreciate such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!
  • Approximate Running Time: 16 minutes. “I’ve had people tell me they wish it was longer, but no one has ever returned my DVD because it was too short! Children and parents love it! If you have any doubts that your child deserves this DVD, and will treasure it, please read the comments and reviews at the bottom of this page.” ~Miss Kim

From Parents…

“Way Over My Expectations…”
~ K. Bakke
“My 2 1/2 Year Old Daughter Routinely Begs to Watch Miss Kim…”
~ R. Palmer
“Awesome DVD – This was SO worth $10 and more!…”
~ A. Kimrey
“Love it and My Kids Love it…”
~ L. Darms
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Pretend with Miss Kim DVD

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From Miss Kim…

After teaching dance for so many years a lot of my students, and their parents, have asked me “when are you going to write a book or make a video?” I finally decided I was going to fulfill that dream and make my very own children’s DVD. I wanted to create something children would love and that would engage their imagination with stories and activities like my young dance students respond to so well. I really love the DVD we created and I know that the children in your life will love it too.

As a mother I’m always concerned about what my 3 year old watches on TV as well as movies or DVDs. I’m sure you have that same concern with your own child. Rest assured that this DVD was created by a mother of four children and contains only positive, wholesome, and fun content.

I’m so excited that I can now share what I love to do with so many. My first DVD is titled Pretend with Miss Kim and is intended for children 18 months to 5 years old.

Miss Kim

P.S. – Sign Up! I plan to create additional DVDs, perhaps even a coloring book, and a story book. Please sign up to my mailing list, using the form at the bottom of this page, so that you will receive information on these items as they become available!

What Parents Say about Pretend with Miss Kim!…

“Way Over My Expectations”…

Miss Kim,
This is a very long over due thank you note for the video. I had won it from 5 minutes for mom and couldn’t wait to see what it was about. Boy oh boy did it go way over my expectations. I have lost track of how many times my three year old daughter has watched it. She quotes you during play time: Mom, paint some yellow, or let’s do a Miss Kim burpie. The cuteness is we live in Iowa and she adds your southern accent. During the video she doesn’t move, but then once it is over she is does all of the motions. I am so glad that I won this video.

Thanks again,
~ Kelly Bakke

“Awesome DVD – This was SO worth $10 and more”…

“I bought this for my 3 1/2 year old daughter whom I am trying to get interested in dance. She loves it. She will watch it over and over and I love peaking in on her “pretending with Miss Kim”. This was so worth $10 and more.

Thank you Miss Kim!
~ Amy Kimrey

“Begs to Watch Miss Kim”…

My 2 1/2 year old daughter routinely begs to watch Miss Kim. While the dvd is playing she imitates the language and movements of the children and has begun to sing along. Sarah loves “Mr. Sun” and sings it with the arm movements when we’re in the car, the grocery store or just spending time together. When Mr. Bunny starts she says, Come on Mommy! Let’s get a blanket and we act it out together. I love seeing her laughing and having fun while participating in the activities. Miss Kim, you are a celebrity at our house!!

~ Renee Palmer
Sarah’s Mommy

“It is a Great DVD!”…

My daughter and son really enjoy the Pretend with Miss Kim DVD. They get up and move with the children on the video and sing all the songs by heart. They watch it over and over. Miss Kim is a movie star in our house! It is a great DVD!

~ A. Royal

“Pretend with Miss Kim is a Great Help with My Grandkids…”

My grandchildren love Pretend with Miss Kim! They really get going with the children on the video.

~ D. Young

“Love it and My Kids Love it…”

…Wish it was longer!

~ L. Darms

Reviews of Pretend with Miss Kim!